5 Major Obstacles to Fixing Teeth

5 Major Obstacles to Fixing Teeth

I know what you are thinking.  It's expensive. You would be surprised to hear that it's not a major reason.

From our 20+years of experience, 5 most important excuses people make that stop them from fixing their teeth are listed below:

1. It's easier to do nothing.

Who would like to start process and be committed to unknown? Our human nature avoids anything to do with fear or unpredictable.

Is it wise to postpone problem by not doing anything? In dentistry, similar to any other issue we face, the longer we wait to fix problem, the more expensive it becomes to solve it.  Everyone knows that driving on worn-out tires can be dangerous, so you probably won't be caught driving on the highway with your loved ones with bad tires, would you? Likewise with your mouth, when one tooth goes so does the village in it.

2. Simply not understanding the root of the problem.

This is a two-prong problem because solution could be very simple, but people avoid to solve problem timely and make it worse than it is.

Let's start with a simple cavity example. First, if you don't get 6 months exam, you won't know that you have an incipient decay which can grow deeper and hit the nerve causing pain and expensive treatment (e.g. root canal and crown).  In this scenario, preventative measures could have saved you this aggravation.                             

Let's dive deeper! Imagine that you need a root canal procedure, but instead of getting one you decide to delay your treatment. Eventually, the pain will go away since our immune system will prevent it and you will get used to pain-comes, pain-goes-away process. What people don't understand is that an abscess could form and affect the health of neighboring teeth. Eventually, more expensive treatment will be sought like extraction, bone graft and implant. 

On the flip side, let's say that you are missing all teeth and that you are suffering daily sore pain from a denture. Well, it's easy to fix that problem with an implant bridge solution like ZirTeeth dental implants.

3. Not breaking things down.

Considering the cost of ZirTeeth starting from $14,950, most patients would freak out about the cost of improving their well-being. Yet, they pay $4.50 for lattes or cigarette packs every day.

Here is the point: although the cost of fixing entire mouth could be expensive, when you break it down as a daily cost, it becomes more affordable!  Let's take a look at how utilities or cell phone companies charge people. Typical AT&T bill may be from $45 to $325 as a family plan. In 3 years, you would have paid them $1620 to $11,700, in this scenario.   

Yet, when it comes to our teeth, we don't think that way, although, teeth are crucial to our well-being and sustenance. On our side to suit your needs, we offer financing solutions to spread the cost over time and make ZirTeeth more affordable to you.

4. Who can they trust?

In the world of fast things and social outrage, we want things faster. In dentistry, it doesn't work that way.  For instance, when it comes to Implant Dentistry, there are companies that promise to deliver permanent teeth in 24 hours or 48 hours. The principles of biology and healing process do not support this way as attainable.

When it comes to making a big decision like getting your ZirTeeth, don't be fooled by slogans that claim expedited treatments. If mother nature needs 16 years to give a human being full set of teeth, then how clinician can deliver permanent teeth in 48 hours?

In our center, time is of essence and after dental implant placement procedure we let nature take its course to heal your bone before we deliver permanent teeth - healing process may take up to six months. Other companies are claiming that process they are performing is precision, while in reality it is an oxymoron. Precession can't be reached with things being rushed and robust mistakes can occur during a time. Simply, it's biology!

5. They don't know where to start.

When patients have big problems with their teeth, they don't know what to do about it, or where to go. Sometimes, big problems require solutions that an average dentist is not capable to solve. Most patients depend on their routine dentist to provide them with solutions. However, some general dentists although may have good intentions, do not practice the art of immediate implant load. In our center, not only do we help patients, but we also train other doctors how to perform this procedure.

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