Patient’s Perspective: Penicillin Allergy & Dental Implants Q&A

Patient’s Perspective: Penicillin Allergy & Dental Implants Q&A

Interview with Roseann Voigt

Roseann Voigt has been ZirTeeth® patient for the past three years. Her case is very special because she is highly allergic to the most antibiotics available on the market. According to clinical studies penicillin-allergic patients demonstrated a higher risk of implant failure compared with nonallergic patients. Dr. Ilya Benjamin was very dedicated to her case and he found the best solution to prevent possible infection and implant failure when he performed ZirTeeth® dental implant procedure. In this story Roseann will provide an insight about her overall experience with ZirTeeth®.

Jelena Ugrenovic: How did you learn about ZirTeeth®?

Roseann Voigt: I saw your dental implant seminar commercial on TV about four years ago and I decided to check it out. I compared your approach with other dental practices and I made a decision to undergo the procedure about one year later. 

JU: What was the main impact on your decision to get ZirTeeth®?

RV: Other practices gave me a feeling that all they care about is money. ZirTeeth® always puts patients first. They treat you like a family, they call to follow up about your condition.The other important thing is that I am allergic to antibiotics and Dr. Benjamin was there to provide advice and find a solution.

JU: Are you allergic to all types of antibiotics?

RV: I am highly allergic to almost every antibiotic on the market and my biggest concern was getting an infection after the implant procedure. Dr. Benjamin got in touch with my medical doctor to make sure what I could be given and by him doing that made me more confident that it was not all about the money, my health was in the first place with ZirTeeth®.

JU: Why did you make a decision a year later after the seminar?

RV: Procedure is costly and therefore it was a big decision to make, but later I realized that it is very cost-effective and that I should have done it before. I warmly recommend it to all my friends who are wearing dentures. 

JU: Can you tell me more about your personal experience during a procedure?

RV: When one of my few upper teeth came out, I was sure that ZirTeeth® would give me a better quality of life. 6 of my teeth were remaining in my upper arch and none of them were healthy, thus Dr. Benjamin extracted only these and left all my healthy teeth in the lower arch. He will never push taking out your healthy teeth to make more money in comparison to some corporate practices.

JU: How did you lose your teeth?

RV: I think that main cause was sensitivity of my teeth in reaction with some chemical elements existing in the tap water. I had one dental bridge in my upper arch, but my own teeth suddenly started to fall out. ZirTeeth® Permanent Implant Bridge was the best solution in my case. 

JU: How has ZirTeeth® changed your life? 

RV: The fact that I can speak to someone without my hands over my mouth. That I am not embarrassed because I do not have teeth. I also suffered before from tooth pain. ZirTeeth® makes me feel much younger and I am actually 70 years old.

JU: You look so young, I would never say that you are 70 years old. Would you say that your life with ZirTeeth® is very satisfying?

RV: Absolutely! Now, I can interact with people freely and I can provide a lots of volunteering services to the community without concern about my smile. I can speak better and pronounce speech better. Also, I can eat everything I couldn’t eat before like for example: apple.

JU: Would you recommend this procedure to other people?

RV: I spoke with many people who approached me in the past and asked about my dental implants providing them with answers related to my personal experience. I warmly recommend to all people who are eligible for this procedure to consider it because the quality of life they can get with ZirTeeth® is amazing, even beyond what they think they can get!

JU: Thank you, Roseann! 

By ZirTeeth’s Outreach Coordinator Jelena Ugrenovic

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    This was perfect! I will gladly speak to anyone that has any questions or fears about the procedure and or the feel of the dental implants.
    Also make it clear that there is maintenance on these new teeth as well!

    Thank you and if you need me for anything else I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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