Research shows that lack of teeth (edentulism) affects quality of life

Research shows that lack of teeth (edentulism) affects quality of life

Research says that edentulism has been associated with increased risk of systemic chronic disease, alterations in national state and death.  Those research papers are listed below.

But before you go and read those findings, know that edentulism leads to 4 majors problems.

  • Functional (Ulcers, Dry Mouth to Acrylic, irritation)
  • Psychological  (Depression)
  • Social (reduced social interaction
  • Reduced job opportunities

So whats the solution you ask?  Answer: Dental Implants

Rehabilitation with dental implants in our experience has demonstrated to be a good tool to improve quality of life.  Luckily, at our implant center we have experience in providing our patients with immediate solution.

Now to those articles?

  •  Cooper LF. The current and future treatment of edentulism. J Prosthodont 2009;18:116-122.
  •  Allen PF, McMillan AS. A longitudinal study of quality of life outcomes in older adults requesting implant prosthesis and complete removable dentures. Clin Oral Implants Res 2003;14:173-179. 3.
  •  Brown DW. Complete edentulism prior to the age of 65 years is associated with all-cause mortality J Public Health Dent 2009;69:260-266.
  •  Hutton B, Feine J, Morais J. Is there an association between edentulism and nutritional state? J Can Dent Assoc 2002;68:182-187.

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