TRUST is everything

TRUST is everything


Today a patient came in for second opinion for an “all on four” AO4 procedure.   If any one does not know, but A04 is basically a treatment for patients with failing teeth, where 4 implants hold all the teeth.  Although this concept was first introduced by Nobel Biocare, an implant vendor company from Switzerland; ClearChoice has been offering this type of treatment for some time.

Coming back to the story, the reason why the patient did not go with treatment at ClearChoice in Las Vegas is that she did not trust them.  Besides the exuberant quote from them, the patient felt that they would add more cost during the treatment.

ZirTeeth is a great alternative to ClearChoice.

We see lots of patients that chose to come to our office, One&Only Dentistry for the following reasons:

– We Perform General Dentistry

– We have an in-house lab

– We use a 5 axis milling machine

– We sedate patients for the procedure

– We use Zygomatic Dental Implants to avoid bone grafting

– We have full time dentists to address all your emergencies

– We utilize both an Oral Surgeon and a Cosmetic Dentist

– We use Zirconia as final product

– We have great customer service

– We have personal touch

– We are not a corporation

But besides all of the above reasons, we treat you life family.  Overall, G-d gives people a 6th sense, or the gut feeling.  If you ever feel that you don’t trust a clinic or a doctor, leave.  Second opinions are very important.

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