Why we use Neodent Implants?

Why we use Neodent Implants?

Answer: Morse Connection

It turns out that not every implant is designed the same.  Although, some doctors choose based on surfacing or pricing of the part, we feel that quality is priceless.  But why morse connection?  It turns out that there is advantage of a morse connection.  Specifically, the connection betwee abutment and implant determines the health of gums.  Too many times, I see patients making decisions based on the cost of treatment without asking the Dentist, “what type of implants are you using?”

Besides that Neodent has plethora of clinical studies, their pursuit of clinical excellence is felt through constant changes in their product.  For instance, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Bruno from Brazil, who travels across the states to educate dentists on proper use of these implants. Well, I just learned that once again, Neodent is changing their product to a top secret technology that will allow excellent prognosis for the patient.  But let’s get back to what all the fuss is about. You see, the basic issue that good clinicians should seek is healthy bone surrounding the tooth.

What Happens when bone is lost?

Like in this example, the patient develops “dark gums” around the implant.  

How do you think patient feels after spending so much money on this treatment?  I can tell you that I have dealt with these issues, and it all starts with planning the case so that you “sufficient bone” surrounding the implant, otherwise the gum thins and implant metal shows, hence the tinted pink.

But let’s get back to why Morse is so important?

It turns out that when connection between abutment and implant is tight, less bacteria gets in during function like eating.  As a result, bone is lost from this “chronic infection.”  But when there is a tight connection, there is less bacterial growth which leads to healthy gums around the implant, as seen on the right.  

This is all due to a beautiful concept of “morse taper” which is achieved at 5.7 degrees.  Hugh? What.  Don’t worry, I will prove to you what it all means, through geometry.

What is Morse Taper?

Overall, when you are choosing a dentist that provides implant dentistry, always be educated on what type of implants that the doctor uses.  I bet you if you ask “do the implants have morse taper connection,” the Dentist will be in shock!

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