Why you should not go to a "team of specialists!"

Why you should not go to a "team of specialists!"

I just read a full page advertisement in a local newspaper from a national Implant Center Company, that will remain nameless that is bragging how “their group of specialists” can offer patients great outcomes.   Below are my reasons why this is a false sense of security:


Pointing Fingers

Everybody is happy when outcomes are great, but what happens when patient is not happy.  Truth be told, I have been in these situations and most of the time, doctors don’t like to accept responsibility.  Or, hey I was wrong!  Let me make it up to you!  When you have a group of specialists working on you, sometimes during bad outcomes, these same specialists start to “point fingers” at each other.  Rather, when a patient is looking to get implant dentistry, find a “super dentist” that can do both the surgery and placement of the crown.  That way, when things go wrong, you have one person to blame.


With the end in mind

Every doctor is going to do how they have been trained.  Oral Surgeons will place implants in areas where its easy for them to find bone.  However, in the end this type of thinking is not the best for the patient.  I have personally restored (placed crowns) on implants that were placed off center.  Believe me when I tell you, implants have to placed strategically.  At One&Only Implant Center, we like to plan with the end in mind.  Basically, we take all the data (ie., impression, Cat Scans) put it in our software (Anatomage, InVivo 5.3) for virtual planning.  But besides this type of technology, we do the surgery ourselves.   Why is that important?  Well, would you goto a restaurant where the chef only marinates the meat but does not know the right cooking temperature?  Obviously no.  Same concept exists in Implant Dentistry.  Choose a provider that understands both the surgery and its restorative components.


Part Timers

Most of these “specialists” have their own offices in town.  As a result, they are not really dedicated to the facility full time!  Its kinda like an oxymoron.  Here is the logic.  Although these centers are nationwide, they cannot afford to keep these specialists full time on board, there is just not enough business to go around.  Many times, I have treated patients that have decided to come to our “private facility” because no coverage was available.  


Overall, when you are making a decision on implants, trust your gut feeling.  Don’t go with all the hoopla of a corporate center.

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