Five Top Questions Asked About ZirTeeth

Five Top Questions Asked About ZirTeeth


Does Food Get Caught Underneath the Bridge?

Yes and No.  During the healing stage when you are wearing your temporaries, your gum may shrink causing not slight food impaction but air gaps causing whistling sound.  Although a slight nuisance, its actually a blessing in disguise.  You see, circulation of oxygen and ability to rinse is very important for healing.  If you make the temporary compress the tissue, it will be more inflamed.  On the contrary, its better for some one to properly lavage their temporary with oral rinses then have a tight temporary to surface interface.  However, when we get to the permanent teeth, ZirTeeth — things change!  Due to its inherent property, zirconia is very smooth.  Just like crystalized glass, the tissue loves this property.  Not only does it repel plaque but it can be close to the tissue to prevent impaction of large bolus of food.  Unlike acrylic, Zirconia is very smooth glass like structure which does not stain or smell.  That is why we use Zirconia when we offer ZirTeeth.

What is the difference between you and ClearChoice?

By definition, ClearChoice is an implant center with a corporate culture.  Our office is privately owned by a general dentist with a full time staff that have one focus: to offer the best treatment.  Which sometimes may be saving teeth, rather then pulling them out.  Not only is the treatment more compassionate, but morally right.  Although our office loves to place implants, sometimes this treatment is not for every body.  Furthermore, by having a full time general dentistry staff we can offer to save teeth.  Procedures like root canal therapy or routine hygiene should be apart of good oral care.    

Do you offer Cat Scan?

Yes, but for patients that are committed to treatment.  Typically, during the free consultation,  we offer a free panoramic x-ray and a complete exam by a Dentist.  A Cat Scan (CT Scan) or Cone Beam is different then a routing Panoramic x-rays.  Due to higher radiation, we reserve the CT Scan for patients that are committed to the treatment.  Cone Beam should be used appropriately to treatment plan the case, only when both parties are committed to treatment.

What is the difference between Snap in Dentures and ZirTeeth?

Unlike our fixed bridge solution aka ZirTeeth, Snap in Denture rely on a locator mechanism.  Specifically, the Snap in Denture contains plastic inserts that “snap” on to the locators or anchors that rise from implants.  In some cases, the implants become loose from constant physical forces that occur during daily insertion and removal.  Simply put, ZirTeeth are much stronger since they are connected to each other.  Think of a chair with four legs.  How sturdy is it?  Basically, ZirTeeth gets its strength from “cross arch stability.”

How much does it cost?

This is the mother of all questions.  Although saved for last, its very easy to answer.  Simply put, there are no fixed costs.  Rather each patient has their own unique condition.  Some patients may require zygomatic implants or realize that they may not want to have a locking temporary.  Imagine having a problem with your car.  You can’t just call your mechanic and describe the sound of a motor not working.  Unlike CarTalk, you have to bring the car to the mechanic so that he can check under the hood.  Likewise to find out the true cost of ZirTeeth, you have to come.

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